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Paints and Ink

Interpaint 1 litre (NL)

(Ex VAT)
Economical, ready-to-use poster paint, in large, handy squeeze bottles. The paint flows thickly and dries quickly. Matt finish, covers well. Interpaint can be used on almost any absorbent surface. In 1 litre bottles. Learn More

Finger paint pots (NL)

(Ex VAT)
A set of 10 finger paint pots with lid. The shape of the jars make cleaning easy and also prevent spills. Small quantities can easily be stored because a transparent lid fits on the jar. Stackable so, when the jars are empty, easy to store. Learn More

Finger Paint (NL)

(Ex VAT)
500ml of non-toxic finger-paint in a hygienic squeezable bottle Learn More

Ergonomic Paint Brush

(Ex VAT)

Ergonomic brush made for young children. With painted wooden handle (various colours). Diameter of the handle at the top is around 25 mm, diameter of the hairbundle 12 mm and length of the hairs 45 mm.

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Comfort grip pattern makers (NL)

(Ex VAT)
Set of 4 knobs to make various patterns in sand, paint and clay. They come in light, bright green and blue colours and clean easily with soap and water. Learn More

Blue Stamp Pad

(Ex VAT)

15cm diameter washable ink pad for stamps or hands.

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