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Based on the AMS lists of suggested materials to be found in the 6-9 classroom, this is an initial list of the developmentally appropriate Montessori materials one might expect to find in a well equipped class. It is not necessary to have absolutely everything, and it is also desirable to have many other activities.

Geometric Solids

(Ex VAT)

The 10 geometric shapes are a sensorial introduction to solid geometry and stimulate interest in shapes.

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Geometric Cabinet

(Ex VAT)

A cabinet of six drawers containing 35 geometric insets and frames for circles, rectangles, triangles, regular polygons, curvilinear shapes and quadrilaterals.

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Constructive Triangles 5 sets

(Ex VAT)

5 sets of constructive triangles to give a sensorial experience of 2-dimensional geometry.

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Blue Constructive Triangles

(Ex VAT)

Blue set of constructive triangles to give a sensorial experience of 2-dimensional geometry. They are a series of scalene right angled triangles which can be combined to make a number of different triangles and quadrilaterals.

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10 Short Bead Stairs in wooden box

(Ex VAT)

10 sets of coloured bead bars in a compartmentalised wooden box with a lid which has an inset triangle in which to build the stair.

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Bead Material (premium beads)

(Ex VAT)

An economical set of golden bead material. The set includes:

1 thousand cube (wired individual beads)

9 thousand cubes (wooden)

10 hundreds squares (wired individual beads)

50 hundreds squares (wooden)

45 tens in a wooden box (wired individual beads)

50 units (in a small wooden cup)

1 large wooden tray

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Stamp Game

(Ex VAT)

A wooden box with compartments for green, blue and red number stamps labelled 1, 10, 100 and 1000, and colour-coded zero discs and division skittles (including larger skittle for 1000).

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Montessori Complete Bead Material Cabinet Cabinet for the Complete Bead Material (no beads)

Cabinet for the Complete Bead Material (no beads)

(Ex VAT)

The cabinet with hooks and shelves on which to put the beads.

Beads available separately

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Arrows for the Bead Material

(Ex VAT)

Twenty sets of colour coded arrows for skip counting with the short and long bead chains.

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Montessori Addition Snake Game

Addition Snake Game (Premium Beads)

Regular Price: £39.99

Special Price £38.99

(Ex VAT)

The Addition Snake Game introduces the child to number bonds to 10. The material consists of one box with 5 sets of coloured bead stairs, one box with 1 set of black and white bead stairs, and one box with 23 golden ten bars. The three boxes fit neatly into the wooden base tray.

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