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Caring for Plants Practical Life Exercises

Quick Overview

Choose from the available options to create your own activities or follow our recommendations below.

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Medium Wooden Tray
Large Tray
Pale Green Child-sized Metal Jug
Green Metal Garden Watering Can
Garden Broom

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Telescopic Garden Shovel
Telescopic Garden Hoe
Garden Hand Fork
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Coloured Spray bottle
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Small Clear Watering Can
Pale Green Metal Bucket
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Green Plastic Bucket
Child's Green Metal Bucket
Child's Ostrich Feather Duster

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Cotton Dusting Cloth
Dusting Brush
Cotton Childsize Gardening Gloves
Dark Green Metal Bucket with Wooden Handle

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Dark Green Metal Soil and Sand Sieve
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Miniature Bucket


Care of plants activities for the Practical Life area, which can be presented as described below, or to augment your existing activites.  Choose from the available options to create your own activities or follow our recommendations below:


1 Watering a plant

potted plant, watering can, tray, sponge


2 Dusting Houseplants

dustbrush, dustcloth, large-leaved houseplant

image credit colmontessori.com/blog/natural-cleaning


3 Growing Herbs

basin, pot and saucer, gravel, compost, scoop, seeds, watering can


4 Flower arranging

vase, watering can, scissors, fresh flowers, tray


5 Gardening

garden tools, watering can, bucket


6 Pressing flowers

Flower press, blotting paper, fresh flowers


7 Grinding Eggshells as a slug repellent

Using a pestle and mortar to grind eggshells as a slug repellent


8 Harvesting plants

Basket or bowl, fruit or vegetable plants, scissors



 Of course, these are only suggested activities and you can mix and match the items as you wish. We'd love to see your own ideas.

Get inspired for alternative activities with videos and photos here.


PLEASE NOTE: This pack contains real items not toys, some of which are made from glass. They are only for use under the supervision of an adult, and you should assess the risk posed each time they are used. WARNING: Not suitable for 0-3 years - Small Parts: Choking hazard.



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