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Opening and Closing Practical Life Exercises

Quick Overview

Choose from the available options to create your own activities or follow our recommendations below.

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Small Non-slip Tray
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Wooden Nuts and Bolts Frame
Screw Block
Large Nuts and Bolts frame
Plastic Nuts and Bolts Pack
Latches, Doors and Windows Board
Set of 6 Latch Boards
4 Compartment Sorting Tray
2 Compartment Sorting Board
10cm Beechwood Box with Lid
Wooden Bowl
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Small Wooden Tray
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Opening and closing activities for the Practical Life area, which can be presented as described below, or to augment your existing activites.  Choose from the available options to create your own activities or follow our recommendations below:


1 Jars and Lids

Selection of interestingly shaped jars or bottles with lids, tray

You might have two activities one with screw tops and one with stoppers and lift off lids.  


2 Stacking Boxes and Lids

A set of nexting boxes, tray  

A Russian doll is an interesting alternative for this activity.


3 Nuts and Bolts Frame

A block with bolts, wooden tray

Screwing bolts into a fixed base


4 Screwing Loose Nuts and Bolts

Selection of wooden nuts and bolts, tray. [These items included by default]

The child can copy an example.


5 Opening and Closing Locks and Latches

Selection of locks and latches.

Opening and closing these


6 Padlocks

Selection of padlocks with keys or combinations, tray.

Opening and closing these.  Attaching the keys via ribbons to the tray helps to prevent them being lost.


 7 Opening real items: torch

A torch that is simple to open, wooden tray

Unscrew the end of the torch and remove the battery then replace and close the compartment. The control of error is the light coming back on.



Suggestions for additional items needed: beads, dried beans, lentils, macaroni, coriander seeds, coffee beans, corn puffs, rice, pebbles, shells

Of course, these are only suggested activities and you can mix and match the items as you wish. We'd love to see your own ideas.

Get inspired for alternative activities with videos and photos here.


PLEASE NOTE: This pack contains real kitchen items not toys, some of which are made from glass. They are only for use under the supervision of an adult, and you should assess the risk posed each time they are used. WARNING: Not suitable for 0-3 years - Small Parts: Choking hazard.



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Video Instructions
Instruction Video

Using just the bolts from the frame: