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Folding and Rolling Practical Life Exercises

Quick Overview

Choose from the available options to create your own activities or follow our recommendations below.

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Cloth Folding Box
Working Rug - Small
Rollable Bamboo Mat - Natural
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Rollable Bamboo Mat - Dark stain

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Child's Cleaning Cloth
Cotton Dusting Cloth
Ironing Board
Large Tray
Deep Round Basket
Large Heuristic / Treasure Basket
Pale Green Small Plastic Basket
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Small Wooden Tray
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Working Rug - Medium

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Working Rug - Large
Carpet - grey mat
Carpet - blue mat
Nienhuis Carpet, 66 X 120 Cm, Blue

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Nienhuis Carpet, 66 X 120 Cm, Dark Cream

Regular Price: £53.80

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Stand for 5 Carpets


Folding and Rolling Activities for the Practical Life area, which can be presented as described below, or to augment your existing activites.  Choose from the available options to create your own activities or follow our recommendations below:


1 Rolling a Carpet

A carpet or work rug rolled.

Ask the child to bring the rug to the work space, unroll it then roll it up and return it to its storage space


2 Rolling a Table Mat

A table mat, tray 

Unroll and reroll the mat and explain its use.


3 Cloth Folding

A wooden box with a lid containing 4 cloth squares embroidered with folding lines. [These items included by default]

The child folds each cloth square along the lines, running the finger along the line.


4 Iron/Pressing the folds

Selection of cloth napkins with pre-ironed folds, basket, iron and ironing board.

Fold the napkins and press the folds with an iron (A wooden 'iron' will reinforce the folds)


5 Laying the table

Rolled mat, cutlery set, plate, glass, napkin, napkin ring, tray

Lay a place setting on the mat, add a napkin and napkin ring for additional rolling practice.


6 Folding Shirt with a guide

A4 Stiff Card, a child's school shirt, large tray

Place the shirt face down, centre the card just below the collar, fold in sleeves and then fold up hem, slide out card over collar.


7 Pairing and Folding Socks

Selection of coloured toddler socks, basket, tray.

Pair the socks, roll and tuck.


8 Packing a Suitcase

Selection of children's clothes, small suitcase

Vary the clothes to be folded depending on the seasons.



Suggestions for additional items needed: beads, dried beans, lentils, macaroni, coriander seeds, coffee beans, corn puffs, rice, pebbles, shells

Of course, these are only suggested activities and you can mix and match the items as you wish. We'd love to see your own ideas.

Get inspired for alternative activities with videos and photos here.


PLEASE NOTE: This pack contains real kitchen items not toys, some of which are made from glass. They are only for use under the supervision of an adult, and you should assess the risk posed each time they are used. WARNING: Not suitable for 0-3 years - Small Parts: Choking hazard.



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