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Fruit Classification Cards .pdf File

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Fruit Classification Cards .pdf File

Montessori Nomenclature / Classification Cards .pdf File: Fruit

This is a totally new version of our popular previous set.

17 picture cards, 17 word cards and 17 labelled picture cards of various common fruits:

o lemon

o orange

o blackberries

o grapes

o kiwi fruit

o apple

o pear

o melon

o pineapple

o papaya

o mango

o raspberries

o strawberries

o blueberries

o cherries

o peach

o banana

An excellent way of teaching children the names of various fruits. The cards can be classified into groups eg: tree fruit, bush fruit etc., or by climate/country, or combined with the matching vegetable cards and then re-classified.

o clear photographs on a white background

o cutting lines

o very easy to make: just print and cut

o tested in a Montessori setting

o lesson plan available on request

o over time damaged cards can be quickly reprinted at no further charge.

The photograph shows the pages as you would print them and a selection of the cards as a suggestion of how to prepare them.

PLEASE NOTE: A link to download this Adobe .pdf file to make cards will be e-mailed to the buyer and therefore there are no postage costs. You will need to print and mount the cards yourself. These items are copyrighted Adobe .pdf files, for personal use only, neither the file nor any part thereof may be shared, e-mailed or posted on the internet in any form. It is a condition of this sale that you agree to these terms, by purchasing you are accepting them. Download links are available in your account dashboard, please download and save to your harddrive before they expire.

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