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Imbucare Board With Disc

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A tray with a removable wooden divider board with one slot through which a disc is posted.



Imbucare Board With Disc

Plateau passage disque

A tray with a removable wooden divider board with one slot. The child inserts the disc through the slot where it 'disappears' behind the divider board. May also be used with two children whereby one child sits at each side and they pass the disc back and forth. Use of this material provides the toddler with exploring the use of the hand, experiences of fitting objects into holes, hand-eye coordination and finger and wrist movement. The bottom of the tray is covered in felt to reduce noise.

The centre board can be removed for easy flat storage. The tray measures 30 cm x 16 cm

This is an educational product and is only to be used under the supervision of professional trained adults in a school environment.

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