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Being a Scientist

Three Finger Grip Tongs

(Ex VAT)

An oversized tweezer that's easy for young hands to use and develops the three finger grip to enable pencil control. Perfect for fine motor transferring activities.

Available in 6 colours picked at random, you can state a preference in the shipping notes but we cannot guarantee this.

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Tweezer Tongs

(Ex VAT)

Fish bone remover tweezer tonges that have rounded tips making them safer for a child to use. Perfect for fine motor transferring activities and for strengthening the pincer grip in preparation for writing.

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Water Purification Kit

(Ex VAT)
Learn two different techniques of water filtration with this water purification kit! Three experiments take children through the steps of purifying water through filtration with gravel, sand, activated carbon and filter paper. One distillation experiment illustrates the concept of evaporation, the water cycle, and states of matter. This kit for making clean water contains gravel, sand, carbon, filter paper, and a multi-level filter device. Please note the picture with a child shows more than one set in use. Learn More

Wooden Hand Lens

(Ex VAT)

A wooden framed 10cm plastic lens with 2x magnification and an inset lens with 3x magnification ideal for close observation. Use on the nature table, with shells for example, or to closely inspect fossils. Of course you will think up many more uses, and the children will think up a thousand more!

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