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Language & Literacy

Lace together

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Play with 2 children sitting on opposite sides of the upright frame board. Pass the laces to one another through the holes in the board. Cooperate to follow assignment card images or create own designs. This game fosters communication, creativity and teamwork. Frame has to be ordered separately Learn More

Wooden frame stand (30 x 40 cm)

(Ex VAT)
Wooden stand for Lace Together or Bolt Together boards to hold boards vertically for co-operative play. Learn More

Dividing wall

(Ex VAT)
The dividing wall helps to build teamwork, vocabulary, communication and careful listening skills. Using two equal sets of objects on each side of the wall, children must focus on giving and following only verbal cues to build or arrange the same thing. When finished, the wall can be removed to see if both turned out the same. Learn More

Dollshouse family

(Ex VAT)
6 wooden dolls with movable arms and legs. Can be positioned walking, sitting, etc. Learn More

Letter stamps

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Helps to visualise letters when children are not able to write them yet. The size of the handles is specially designed for children hands. Learn More

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Letter stamps in plastic box

(Ex VAT)
27 rubber stamps with wooden handles Learn More

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outline letter stamps

(Ex VAT)
Set of wooden letter stamps Learn More

Push lacing set

(Ex VAT)
Create designs with this safe and easy to use set. Follow examples or use your imagination and make beautiful new patterns. The thread goes through the needle and is pushed into the board which grips the thread for an easy introduction to embroidery. Learn More

Letter tic

(Ex VAT)
Nail wooden letters on the soft board creating your own words. Improve hand-eye coordination, creativity, spatial reasoning and fine motor skills. Develop automatic sound/symbol correspondence. Use Letter tic in combination with Hammer words so children learn to inculcate and copy words from assignment cards. Learn More

Pre-writing motor skills cards

(Ex VAT)
Practical and fun way to practice writing. The plastic coated cards are an excellent teaching aid for the development of handwriting and pen control. Students use the 4 sections: the top line illustrates a writing pattern; the next line shows the beginning of the same pattern; the third line is for free-form copying; and the last section is for free-form copying within a frame. Learn More