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Lined Brown Basket with Handles

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Quick Overview

A basket with a lining ideal for storing activities.


Lined Brown Basket with Handles

A basket with a lining ideal for storing activities.

Why not create a treasure basket for heuristic play by adding a selection of items from those listed below - you can find a selection in the related items below:

Egg Cup

Wooden sppon

Woollen pompoms

Range of boxes that will slot inside each other


Tubes which will slide inside each other (inside of foil tubes, kitchen rolls, cling films etc)

Strips of materials with different textures

Items with slots or holes (spatulas, rings)

Jar tops



Hair rollers of different sizes

Chains of various sizes and shapes

Variety of tins (with safe tops) such as golden syrup tins, biscuit tins

The items should be selected for their sensory properties, so natural materials are preferable. Smooth plastic, which gives very little sensory feedback, should be avoided.

A word on health and safety

Obviously as a practitioner you are not going to place your children in harm’s way. Some of these objects may be considered to be potentially dangerous, particularly for babies who are still putting things in their mouths. You know your children and what you would be happy for them to experience. You know which ones will always chew first, ask questions later, or see any object as a weapon! This is entirely at your discretion.

Items should be cleaned regularly and thrown away if broken or considered dangerous.

These are real objects and have not been designed as toys, please always assess the risks of using these items.

240mm diameter x 90mm depth approx

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