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Form, Area and Volume


(Ex VAT)
Practice comparing and filling areas. One side of the assignment card shows the surface divided into blocks. The other side is more challenging with only the total area of the shape visible. Learn More

Maths Game: From full to empty

(Ex VAT)

To learn about volume.

Sort the images from empty to full and vice versa. While playing, children learn about concepts such as “more than” and “less than”.

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Volume Box with 1000 cubes for Pink Tower

(Ex VAT)

A wooden box with a hinged side containing 1000 1cm³. cubes to calculate and compare the volumes of the pink tower cubes.

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Box of Prisms for Brown Stair

(Ex VAT)

A wooden box with 19 wooden prisms each with a cross-section of 1cm³.

The prisms can be used to calculate and compare the volumes of the prisms that make up the brown stair.

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Nienhuis Box With Cubes For Pink Tower

(Ex VAT)

Nienhuis Stand For Height

(Ex VAT)

Nienhuis Yellow Triangles For Area

(Ex VAT)

Nienhuis Volume Box With 250 Cubes

(Ex VAT)

Nienhuis Cube Up!

(Ex VAT)

Cubes not included

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