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Sequence of Numbers

Nienhuis 100 And 1000 Chain Frame (NL)

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Replacement Hundred Board Tiles 1-100 (tiles only no box)

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White painted tiles 25x25mm with Sassoon font numbers 1-100

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Magnetic Maths Box (NL)

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Match quantities and number symbols and visualise arithmetic operations. Place sums or number sequences of various kinds on the metal plate in the bottom of the box. Use the plate with numbers to arrange and store the blocks. The size of the blocks is ideal for little hands. Learn More

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Magnetic board (NL)

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Magnetic board Learn More

Number line up to 100 (NL)

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Visualise operations up to 100. Attach the number line on a metal-/ whiteboard. Use a whiteboard marker to write on the strip. The colour change in red and white represent the decimal structure. As there are no numbers mentioned the number line can be used multifunctionally; for example by counting in hundreds it visualises operations up to 1000 as well. Learn More

Number line athletics (NL)

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Visualise operations up to 20. 

The strength of Number line athletics lies in its simplicity, the comprehensible connection between the blocks (quantities) and the position of a number on the number line. This connection stimulates the transition from counting quantities to counting numbers on a number line and ultimately it stimulates the development of a mental number line. 

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Hundred board magnetic (NL)

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The magnetic hundred board visualises numbers up to 100 and gives insight into the number structure. Contents: metal board (60 x 60 cm) with 100 grid magnetic number cards 0-100 printed on both sides in red and blue Learn More