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Stationery Skills Practical Life Exercises

Quick Overview

Choose from the available options to create your own activities or follow our recommendations below.

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Wooden Bowl
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Wooden Hand Lens
14cm inset paper
14cm coloured inset paper
Box for Inset Paper
Nienhuis Cutting/Scissor Tray (NL)
Nienhuis Csm, Scissors Exercises (NL)
Nienhuis Glue/Paste Box
Nienhuis Punch-Out Pad
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Nienhuis Long Punch-Out Pin
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Small Wooden Tray
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Medium Wooden Tray
Glue Brush

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Paint or Glue Jar
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3 Compartment Sorting Tray
Desktop Pencil Sharpener

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Scissors (left-handed)
Multicoloured Craft Card
Multicoloured Craft Paper
200 Blank Cards
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Blunt Scissors
200 Glossy Blank Cards
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Scissors with Cutting Assistance
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10cm Beechwood Box with Lid
Pale Green Metal Bucket
Red Plastic Tray
Green Plastic Bucket
Blue Plastic Tray

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Green Plastic Tray


Stationery Skills Exercises for the Practical Life area, which can be presented as described below, or to augment your existing activites.  Choose from the available options to create your own activities or follow our recommendations below:


1 Using Scissors

Scissors, Strips of lined card or thick coloured paper, Container, Tray

Cut along the lines, or cut coloured shapes


2 Pencil Sharpening

Pencil sharpener, blunt pencils, bucket, tray

Sharpen the pencils with a manual or rotary pencil sharpener


3 Using Glue

Cut paper from cutting activity, larger paper sheets, glue brush, jar of glue , tray

Make a collage using the random shapes


4 Using a Stapler

Stapler, small sheets of paper, tray

Staple sheets of paper to make a little book.


5 Using a Hole Punch

Punch the sheets of paper and use treasury tags to make a little book. 


6 Using a Magnifying Lens

Magnifying lens, shells, box, tray

Use a magnifying glass to explore the patterns on shells 


7  Using a Punch-out Pricker

Punch out pin, protective pad, paper, picture to prick out, tray

Of course, these are only suggested activities and you can mix and match the items as you wish. We'd love to see your own ideas.

Get inspired for alternative activities with videos and photos here.


PLEASE NOTE: This pack contains real kitchen items not toys, some of which are made from glass. They are only for use under the supervision of an adult, and you should assess the risk posed each time they are used. WARNING: Not suitable for 0-3 years - Small Parts: Choking hazard.



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Instructions Instructions:https://www.absorbentminds.co.uk/using-tools-ideas
Video Instructions
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