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Using Tools Ideas

  • Using a whisk in a bowl.
  • Using an egg whisk to create bubbles.
  • Using a juicer to squeeze lemon juice (which can be used for polishing pennies - see polishing ideas). Or to squeeze orange juice for a drink.
  • Cutting with scissors along strips of cards with lines, gradually giving more complicated lines to cut, stored on a wooden tray.
  • Using a rolling pin to roll out playdough on a board, then cut with a pastry cutter.
  • Hammering nails into corkboard, nails stored in a jar, shapes in a box, all on tray.
  • Using a pestle and mortar to grind wheat grains..
  •  Stapling sheets of paper to make a little book.
  •  Punching holes in paper with a hole punch (and joining with treasury tags).
  •  Using paper clips to join paper, or to secure tracing paper.
  •  Cutting salt dough with a knife and fork
  • Sieving shells out of water.
  • Using a garlic press to squeeze water from mini sponges.
  • Using a grater to crumb bread for the birds or for the crumbing exercise.
  •  Using a magnifying glass to explore the patterns on shells.

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A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to our ideas bank.
We take no responsibility for the safety of these suggestions - please always assess the risks of activities you present to children.


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