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Polishing Practical Life Exercises

Quick Overview

Choose from the available options to create your own activities or follow our recommendations below.

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Paint or Glue Jar
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2 Shoe Polishing Brushes
5 x Weck Stay Fresh Covers. Diameter = 60mm
SET OF TWELVE Very Small 50ml Weck jars Model 755
Wooden Egg Cup for Treasure Basket
Pair of Wooden Balls for Treasure Basket
Wooden Collection for Treasure Basket
Set of 3 60mm Small Wooden Lids. Fits WECK Models 080 755 760 761 762 763 764 766 902 995
Light Horsehair Shoe Shine Brush
Black Horsehair Shoe Shine Brush
Light Bristle Shoe Polish Brush
Black Bristle Shoe Polish Brush
Child's Cleaning Cloth
Cotton Dusting Cloth
Gingham Child's Tea Towel
Gingham Child's Apron
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Container Set

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Tabard Apron
Blue Plastic Tray

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Large Heuristic / Treasure Basket
Cloth Apron
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Painting Overall
Red Plastic Tray
Green Plastic Tray


Polishing activities for the Practical Life area, which can be presented as described below, or to augment your existing activites.  Choose from the available options to create your own activities or follow our recommendations below:



1 Glasses cleaning

water spray, cloth, old spectacles, tray

polish lenses clean


2 Shoe polishing 

apron, basket, mat, polish, polish brushes, cloth, apron, leather shoe

apply the polish using the applicator brush, polish off with the larger brush, and buff with the cloth


3 Wood/Brass/Silver Polishing

basket, apron, mat, polish, cotton swab, cloth, object, tray

use a non-toxic polish (eg olive oil and beeswax for wood, diluted lemon jouice for metal)


4 Polishing coins

apron, disinfected copper coins, white vinegar spray, salt in small pot, cotton pads, cotton buds, containers, tray

we do recommend that the coins are disinfected before use


5 Polishing a mirror

mat, mirror, small spray of dilute white vinegar, application cloth, polishing cloth


Suggestions for additional items needed: large plastic jug, apron, cloths, sponge cloths, child safe detergent.

Of course, these are only suggested activities and you can mix and match the items as you wish. We'd love to see your own ideas.

Get inspired for alternative activities with videos and photos here.


PLEASE NOTE: This pack contains real kitchen items not toys, some of which are made from glass. They are only for use under the supervision of an adult, and you should assess the risk posed each time they are used. WARNING: Not suitable for 0-3 years - Small Parts: Choking hazard.



Useful Links

Instructions Instructions:http://www.absorbentminds.co.uk/polishing-ideas
Video Instructions